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Garden Lighting

Every job we do at Dynamic Landscapes is bespoke and tailored to each individual customer. Designing and installing bespoke garden lighting takes a great deal of knowledge and skill and must take in the following points:

  1. The needs of the customer. What will the lighting be used for (BBQ areas, water features etc), also where the lighting will be viewed from will dictate design.
  2. Safety. What concerns are there that the customer needs to be aware of.
  3. Areas of interest. What areas of the garden are to be highlighted by the lighting (water features, seating areas, steps, walls, planting, buildings and driveways).
  4. Planting. What type, height, width, potential growth and colour can affect the lighting design.
  5. Electrical supply and switching requirements.

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Garden lighting in Aylesbury, Bucks & the surrounding area

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